Pool Resurfacing Process

Please see our “What the Pool Owner Can Expect” sheet located in your folder (slight variation for commercial pool).

Mr. Marcite, Inc. employs three separate specialized crews: prep crews, surface application crews, and service technician.

Depending upon individual pool renovation needs, the Florida weather, and seasonal demands, your pool renovation time and/or procedure may vary. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call our office.

1. Prep, Chip Out, Tile Removal, & Delamination

poolpro01-1 poolpro01-2 poolpro01-3

2. Mudding Up For Tile Installation

poolpro02-1 poolpro02-2 poolpro02-3 poolpro02-4

3. Tile Installation Complete

poolpro03-1 poolpro03-2 poolpro03-3

4. Surface Primer Application (Bond Kote)

poolpro04-1 poolpro04-2 poolpro04-3

5. Application of Quartz (Blue Mist)

poolpro05-1 poolpro05-2 poolpro05-3

6. Final Applied Surface & Pool Being Filled

poolpro06-1 poolpro06-2 poolpro06-3

7. Completed Pool

poolpro07-1 poolpro07-2 poolpro07-3