Spray-Crete (sometimes known as Flo-Crete) is a coating of decorative concrete applied to an existing concrete deck foundation. The material application allows for different styles and design patterns through the use of tools and/or stencils.

Applying a new Spray-Crete surface to an existing deck is a unique process. Your deck application will take place over the course of several days, with some of those days having no workmen on site to allow material to dry, cure, or set. Workmen may arrive at different times of the workday or leave and return multiple times during the workday.

Basic Spray-Crete Install (Driveway)
Basic Spray-Crete Install (Driveway)

If we are renovating a pool in conjunction with your deck resurfacing, the majority of the deck work will be likely be completed prior to the pool, but the final coat of the deck stain will take place following the pool completion.

Deck Spray-Crete Maintenance

Keep furniture off the newly resurfaced deck for at least 72 hours after completion. You should also refrain from walking on, or allowing your pet to walk onto the deck for at least 24 hours.

Your new Spray-crete surface is sealed. Liquids will not penetrate but may stain during the 30 day initial cure time. During this period, sandy grit or dirt may ground into the surface. Stain sealers take 28 days to totally cure to approximately 5,700 psi.

During the first 30 days following the deck stain:
Rinse dirt and spills with water or mild soap solution with watering can or hose. Do not use chemical cleaners on the surface or drag anything across it.

After the first 30 days following the deck stain:
Mild solution of chlorine or muriatic acid can be used to clean deck if mild soap solution does not work. Do not use any solvent based cleaners. Always try a test spot.

Elmer’s Squeez ‘N Caulk can be used to repair cracks as they appear.