Mr. Marcite is fully insured to protect both our business and our customers. Our General Liability, Automobile policies, and Workers Compensation coverage are registered with Amerisure. In addition, Mr. Marcite includes a $100,000 insurance provision in our coverage that protects our company and customers against the rare possibility of pool popping. However, pool popping is such an unlikely occurrence, we’ve never had one occur in our company’s history.

Our policies are brokered through:

Insurance By Ken Brown
P.O. Box 948117
Maitland, Florida 32794-8117
(321) 397-3870 – Phone
(321) 397-3888 – Fax

Since 1982, Insurance by Ken Brown has partnered with the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) to provide all lines of commercial insurance to its members filling a void that existed in the insurance marketplace for the swimming pool industry. Insurance by Ken Brown insures the majority of the swimming pool industry covering businesses from Key West to Pensacola.